GT6: Eventi Stagionali del 18/06/2014


Evento dedicato alla VW Vision GT, con auto e tuta in regalo:

Period of Availability: 06/18/2014 – 07/02/2014, 9:00 GMT/UTC
Ratings Registration: 06/18/2014 – 07/02/2014, 9:00 GMT/UTC
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Bronze: 1:30.000
Silver: 1:25.000
Gold: 1:22.000

Bronze: Cr.30,000 + Special Outfit Volkswagen Vision GT
Silver: Cr.60,000
Gold Cr.110,000

Participation Award:
Volkswagen GTI Roadster VGT car obtained just by entering event.
At least one full lap must be drive regardless of whether the time is valid or invalid.

Courtesy car:
Volkswagen GTI Roadster VGT.
Tires: RH, Specs: 608 PP/–HP/–KG.

SRF is forced OFF (grayed out) in Driving Options menu.
Brake Bias is set to 5/5, not adjustable via RA menu.

Not Applicable to event.

Course Conditions:
Time: 10:40
Precipitation: 0%
Track: Circuito de Madrid

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