GT5: I segreti della patch 1.05

Questa patch non smette di far parlare di se, questa volta con la lista delle correzioni nascoste introdotte con la stessa:

  • Improved clutch for G25/27
  • “Thrustmaster”
  • Car sorting in garage will be saved
  • Restart option after finishing a race
  • Corrected taillights on the ’91 Acura NSX
  • Improved force feedback on the RedBull X2010
  • Improved loading times in the car dealership menu
  • Reduced screen tearing incidents
  • You can now export all your photos to the XMB at once
  • The rev meter in the Mazda RX-7 (FC) ’90 and the gear display in the NSX GT500 were fixed
  • Slight shadow improvements
  • Sticky bumper physics fixed
  • 16 cars on-track in Arcade Mode
  • Set-up menu now called “Settings” instead of “Tuning”
  • Smoke/spray pixelation around the cars improved
  • RE-Amemiya RX-7 sound improved
  • Laps, restrictions and other infos are now displayed in the online race browser
  • In GT Rally, there are now only two choices for map display – off or fix to track (or maybe it was fix to car).
  • Manually changing the map scale doesn’t make any difference as it now auto-scales depending on your speed
  • In online lounge, when browsing the servers, there is a check box for recommended
  • In GT Mode > Practice, mechanical damage can now be one of the following: off, light, heavy
  • Tach from the Silvia S13 was fixed
  • You now get 5 museum cards and 5 paints for your online log-in
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